19 October 1941

Winter is near. Light Mud and the Russians won the initative.


In worsening weather 3.PzD and 25.mI.D. capture Kursk and drive southeast through the mud in an effort to once again outflank the Russian 40.Army.

(End of Game Turn)

Guderian's 2.PzA is struggeling more against the weather than against the enemy as the STAVKA has practically evacuated the huge area between Tula and Kursk.

(End of turn)

("During the night ...//... the first snow of the winter fell. It did not lie for long and, as usual, the roads rapidly became nothing but canals of bottomless mud, along which our vehicles could only avance at snail's pace and with great wear the the engines."

H. Guderian, Panzer Leader)

The southwestern and central approaches to Moscow are heavily defended by the Red Army.

The Germans are slowly beginning to reorganize and resupply their battered panzer divisions after two weeks of fighting around Vyaz'ma.

(End of the Turn)

In the Rzhev sector 7.PzD, under command of General Freiherr von Funck, found a weak point the city's defenses. Despite the difficult weather conditions the division were able to cross the Upper Volga and advance to within 5 miles of Rzhev.

(Iron Crosses are on their way to the front)

The Central overview show that the pockets along the Smolensk-Vyaz'ma highway still hold out.

The attritional battle east of Vyaz'ma is almost over. The losses on both sides have been very heavy with the germans losing the better part of five panzer divisions.

(End of the Turn)

22 October