12 October 1941

(The Russian Players won the initiative and choose to take a flip-flop turn)

The remnants of Hoth's 4.PzG outflanked, surrounded and mauled by the never ending flood of Russian mechanized units. Also note the infiltrating russian cavalry sitting on Hoth's supply route

(End of the Russian Player Turn)

The Russian 40.Army is still in firm control of the L'Gov-Kursk sector. The logistical situation are very scarce for both sides in this area of the map.

(End of the Russian Player Turn)

XXXXI.PzK with 7.PzD and 14.ID advance on Rzhev unopposed. Reports are coming in of enemy cavalry lurking in the forests to the north...

(End of German Player Turn)

2.PzA tries to take control over the situation on it's southern flank. 3.PzD have been directed towards Kursk and 25.mID advanced to cut the rail lines into L'Gov.

Bryansk is surrounded but still in Russian control.

(End of the German Player Turn)


(End of game turn)

15 October