8 October 1941

The Germans have now strongly reinforced their battered 1.PzD 6.PzD and 11.PzD around the Vyas'ma.

Further west we can see how the infantry divisions are slowly moving into the pocket to clear out the defenders.

(End of the German Player Turn)

In the deep south the 25.mID and IRGD slowly drive the Russian 40 Army before them. But the resistance of hard and the resources in this area are very meager.

(End of the German Player Turn)

Guderian's 2.PzA push beyond Mtsensk. The southern sector is almost devoid of Russian defenders and Tula is now threatened. All available reinforcements have been sent west along the Moscow-Smolensk highway.

(End of German Player Turn)

Bryansk attacked! The German 17.PzD were bloodied in it's attempt to take the city from the east.

(End of the German Player Turn)

(No photos were taken during the session of the Russian Player Turn)

The Germans have put themselves in deep problems as massive Russian reinforcements have appeared west of Vyas'ma and are attacking the unsupported panzer divisions. Air, artillery and mechanized units supported by unlimited quantities of infantry are taking a heavy toll on the fascists.

(End of the Russian Movement Phase)

12 October