5 October 1941

The OKH once again in session.

(The German team: Jonas Multing and Magnus Johanssson)

The city of Vyas'ma is now within reach of Hoth's 3.PzG. The skies over the battlefield are controlled by the Luftwaffe. German infantry have begun to envelop the russian position along the Smolensk-Moscow road.

(End of the German Movement Phase)

2.PzD have consolidated their position around Sukhinichi. Even though there's little opposition in this sector progress i slow due to the difficult supply situation.

(End of German Movement Phase)


Vyas'ma is pocketed! 1.PzD attack on Ghzatsk failed to dislodge the defender. Local NKVD troops saved the day. Stalin's perspective of the situation doesn't look all that promising.

(End of the German Player Turn)

The German X. Corps managed to throw back the russians blocking their Main Supply Route to Demyansk. The Russian commander in the northern area is very aggressive.

(End of the German Player Turn)

Guderian's forces are stalled by the logistical problems caused by the rapid advance to and beyond Orel. Meanwhile the Russians continue to threaten the long and open southern flank.

(End of the Russian Movment Phase)

The German Schwerpunkt is identified!

The Russian counterattack was furious, causing heavy losses on the German Panzerdivisions. The Red Army Airforce supported the beakout attempt at Vyaz'ma and a small corridor was opened up to allow some supply to come through to the city.

(End of the Russian Player Turn)

Russian cavalry and motorized infantry have crossed the Seim river and raced north to cut the railroad at Shostka. Once again the Germans will be forced to retrace their steps to clear their main supply line.

(End of the Russian Player Turn)

8 October