1 October 1941


The southern part of the Bryansk Pocket is forming. German 1.CavD. have infiltrated the frontline of the Soviet 3rd Army. German 17.PzD have pushed north toward Bryansk.

(End of German turn.)

3.PzG spearheads have pushed deep behind the russian frontline troops.

(End of German turn.)

Futher east the 4.PzD managed to capture Orel without a fight. Other elements of Guderian's 2.PzG holding a thin line of communication to the railhead 135 miles to the west.

(End of German turn.)

"Our time will come!" Russian Senior commander Kristian after seeing the results of the initial German player turn.

The STAVKA at work.

(Left to right: Fredrik, Kristian, Sako)

Looking west along the Smolensk-Moscow highway. German Panzer spearheads have reached within 40 miles of Vyasma. And the Russian Western Front scramble to counter the threat.

(After russian movement phase)

Fredrik in a troubled pose over the Soviet 40 Army.

(40.A is a powerful force and if used with skill it will soon threaten the german southern flank and the rear area of Guderian's 2.PzG.)

XXIV.PzK streached out along the road between Dmitriev-L'Govskiy and Orel. Soviet troops have already started to move north from L'Gov.

(After russian movement phase)

An overview showing the extent of the advance of the three german PzG's

(After russian movement phase)

Russian cavalry cut the main supply route to the Demyansk area, but the Germans were soon able reopen communication to the west. In close cooperation with the Luftwaffe infantry of X.A.K shattered the horsemen before they could liberate Star'aya Russa.

(End of the Russian exploitation phase)

In the Sukhinichi area a lone Soviet tank brigade managed to hold the Bryansk-Kaluga railroad open. In an all out effort the Red Army Airforce were able to force the German spearheads streching southeast from Spas-Demyansk to withdaw.

(Russian Air Barrage eliminated a unit in B38.09. End of turn.)

Setup 5 October