15 October 1941

As the Germans force march their infantry divisions eastward, the STAVKA orders their reinforcements into the new established front lines along the Urga river.

(End of the Russian Player Turn)

L'Gov were finally evacuated. The russian efforts to reopen the supply route to the city failed. Losses in equipment were heavy as several tank brigades were left behind unsupported.

The German 3.PzD probed the defenses at Kursk but were unable to enter the town.

(End of the Russian Player Turn)

The vitally important Smolensk-Vyaz'ma highway is not yet in German control. Vyaz'ma is still held by the Russians and further east at Izdeshkovo two brave Russian rifle divisions hold their position despite being totally surrounded.

(End of German Player Turn)

The last two weeks of russian counterattacks in the Demyansk area have forced the German II.A.K to withdraw from the western slope of the Valdai hights.

(End of the German Player Turn)

Bryansk fell on 16 Oct after coordinated and violent infantry assault supported by Me Bf110 fighter bombers. The city center were finally reached by elements of the German 1.CavD.

This have allowed the infantry of 2.Army to march east to the support of Guderian's stalled panzer corps at Orel, Chern and Kursk.

(End of the German Player Turn)

The front overview shows that the battle around the great pockets at Bryansk, Spas Demyansk and Vyaz'ma are over. OKH and Army Group Center are preparing for the next phase in the struggle for the Russian capital.

(End of the game turn)

19 October