22 October 1941

Weather cool and clear. Air operations normal. Germans won the initative and choose to take the flip-flop...

The German 7.PzD and 14.mID supported by elements of 35.ID attack the city of Rzhev. The Soviet 32.Army hold out, defenders further inspired by the NKVD Commissars.

(End of German Player Turn)

Pockets of russian resistance still exists between Rzhev and Vyaz'ma. Along and south of the Smolensk-Moscow highway more and more russian stragglers are rounded up by the advancing German infantry divisions and the road are soon expected to be safe for traffic.

(End of German Player Turn)

2.PzA are now knocking at the Gates... Tula is threatened as elements of 4.PzD and 18.PzD prepare to cross the Upa river. The Luftwaffe are in close support in a very advanced airfield.

(Attack instructions given in OCS-swedish to my colleage for a German attack during the Combat Phase. The attack failed to create a bridgehead)

("Back in Orel I found Colonel Eberbach, who also told me the story of the rezent battles, and the I talked again to Geral Freiherr von Langermann [Commander of 4.PzD]. For the first time during this exacting campign Colonel Eberbach gave the impression of being exhausted, and the exhaustion that was now noticeable was less physsical than spiritual. It was indeed startling to see how deeply our best oficers had been affected by the latest battles" - H. Guderian, Panzer Leader)

Things are much more quite around Vyaz'ma. Both sides exhausted after more than two weeks of heavy fighting. German infantry divisions of the German 4.Army are advancing.

(End of the German Player turn)

In the threatened north central sector the STAVKA have rushed new rifle divisions and UR Bde's to several key defensive locations east of Rzhev.

In Rzhev itself the situation is critical but the VVS are able to parachute in more supply

(End of the Russian player turn)

18.PzD were released from the 2.PzA reserve and crossed the Upa and expanded the bridgehead created by 4.PzD west of Tula.

(End of the Russian player turn)

Now with 40.Army withdrawn from the Kursk area the STAVKA have sent the understrength 24.Army to Voronezh with instructions to reorganize the defense in the south.

(End of the Russian player turn)

The German vanguards have already captured Yelets.

(End of the Russian player turn)

26 October