29 October 1941
Weather remains cool and clear. Air operations normal. Germans won the initiative. First Player Turn to the Russians.

There is no photos of the Russian Player Turn. The STAVKA continued to strengthen their defenses along the Oka and Urga Rivers. On the Smolemsk-Moscow axis the Russians continued their withdrawal to from a new defensive line centered on the old Napoleonic battlefield of Borodino.

The Totenkopf division have received orders to launch a probing attack. A reserve force stand ready to exploit.

(End of the German Movement Phase)

The VII.AK's fight for Rzhev is almost over. 256.ID and 900.Lehr. stand ready to enter the ruined city from the south east.

(End of the German Movement Phase)

As can be seen in this picture the Russians have almost filled the entire north bank of the Oka river.

The Germans have pushed beyond the beleaguered cities of Tula and Stalinogorsk. The increasing presence of VVS bombers created problems for the advancing panzers.

A new attack on Tula have been prepared, this time from the east by 262.ID and 43.PioBn.

(End of the German Movement Phase)

Situation around Moscow at the end of October 1941. The weather have been outstanding with only one light mud turn during the hole month.

(End of Game turn)

3.SSIR was unable to dislodge the Russian rifle division but the follow up wave made a small breach in the enemy defenses. The attack were uncoordinated and slow and the German reserve force proved inadequate to push through and cut the Russian rail line leading west through the Valdai heights.

(End of turn)

7.PzD and 14.mID push north and east of Rzhev reaching within 20 miles of Kalinin. But during these last days of October the weather is deteriorating very fast.

(End of the game turn)

A few strong points of Russian fanatics have been left behind along the main road. Bypassing these a kampfgruppe of SS-R. have started to infiltrate the Borodino line.

Further south have elements of 95.ID under command of XXXXVII.PzK sent out patrols in a effort to outflank the heavily defended fortifications in the Myatlevo-Medya region.

(End of turn)


The battle of Tula are still raging. Despite repeated infantry assaults and heavy air bombardments of the Luftwaffe the city remains in Soviet hand at the end of the month.

(End of the Turn)

1 November